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Chess typeHilfeTournament nameStakes (Playmoney)Thinking timeHilfePlayerHilfeRoundsHilfeColorHilfesortZeitsortEinsatz
Details Normal chessBauernopfers7.00Quick chess: 20 minutes + 10 Sec/Move1 of 21?20210420000027
Details Normal chessChessFreaks7.00Quick chess: 10 minutes + 5 Sec/Move1 of 21?202104192300027
Details Normal chessChessFreaks10.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves2 of 51?202104198240110
Details Normal chessFrankPs10.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves1 of 21?202104184240110
Details Normal chessbluescreens8.00Correspondence chess: 30 days for 10 moves3 of 51?20210415024018
Details Normal chessRemisMakers10.00Correspondence chess: 20 days for 10 moves3 of 51?2021040822240110
Details Normal chessgrauBalls8.00Correspondence chess: 20 days for 10 moves3 of 71?202103262124028
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